600 6th Street, Beaver Falls, PA 15010 [email protected] 724.846.6400

Our History

The Cornerstone of Beaver County began as a vision to end homelessness in our County, and has grown into what it is today – a 501c3 nonprofit agency with a comprehensive network of local resources that assists the homeless and near homeless.

The Homelessness Prevention/ Rapid Rehousing Program (HPRP) began with a team of five in 2009. The staff went directly to clients in need, because there was not a single point of entry for local homeless programs. Staff traveled around the county borrowing office space, meeting rooms, soup kitchens, and libraries.

In 2012, the HPRP program came to an end, but the need for emergency housing and rental/utility assistance did not. The five team members pushed on, and began renting space from the Housing Authority of the County of Beaver on the second floor of 1217 7th Avenue, Beaver Falls. With the support of the County, through the Community Development Program, the group clearly pronounced its role as the single point of entry to all the homeless and housing stability resources in Beaver County and named the suite of offices The Cornerstone.

The Cornerstone opened its doors to other local agencies and soon filled offices with utility assistance programs, rental assistance programs, the HMIS electronic data tracking program, SNAP food stamp programs, and resources for homeless veterans and their families, reaching full capacity at 600 6th Street, Beaver Falls.

Beaver County, PA is a 4th class county in the Commonwealth, consisting of 53 municipalities and 14 public school districts. Through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the County is considered an urban entitlement community. With a comprehensive network of local continuum of care partners and solid funding from government contracts, The Cornerstone of Beaver County, Inc. (TCBC) received its 501c3 nonprofit designation in July 2016. The County assisted in its creation and will name the agency as its primary HUD ESG subrecipient.